E-Mail Marketing

Targeted e-mail campaigns with good content proactively help to create business for you through effective, timely marketing. A cost-effective way of getting your message into the marketplace, e-marketing campaigns raise your business profile, and are a results-based medium for cross-selling and up-selling your knowledge, expertise, products and services. E-marketing can also offer much quicker results than waiting for your ratings to rise within the search engine rankings.

SYS Marketing for E-Marketing Strategy

No one but you is interested in your business – and so, e-marketing content has to be of direct interest to your customers. For a successful e-marketing campaign, SYS Marketing provides you with a wide range of functionality:

  • Web forms - to capture clients’ details
  • Newsletters and e-marketing messages - with our email marketing capabilities built into your website, along with our next generation reporting, you can do some serious email marketing
  • Capture and upload of data - build your on-line customer database and stronger client relationships with a built-in management system
  • An opportunity to react faster to enquiries - you can get SMS and email notifications instantly when you receive an enquiry through your website
  • Provide useful information - such as newsletters, downloads and FAQs
  • Provide secure areas - with member log-ons

SYS Marketing - to set up your campaign:

We can help you to:

  • Manage your data
  • Find out which products and services your customers and potential customers are interested in
  • Provide you with the content for your e-marketing campaigns with our dedicated copywriting service
  • Develop and improve your marketing to maximise its long-term effectiveness

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