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We consider your business, not just your website

In six months’ time, you’ll tell us that your new website has been fantastic for your business.

But what has happened to get you there, exactly?

Other web designers will ask you two questions:

What are your products and services? And what sort of website would you like to have?

But we go much further.

Strategic Marketing to get the competitive edge you need

For your success, we also consider:

  • Your business – and its position in the marketplace
  • Colour and images – which give a perception of your brand to your customers
  • Your products and services – plus the benefits of a customer using you as a business
  • Target markets – we consider the different types of your customers and tailor your website content accordingly

  • Trust and credibility – we look at the strategies for you to get your website visitor to commit to your service and products
  • Overcoming buying fears – we look at the five buying fears of potential customers, and how you can overcome these with the design of your website
  • Establishing with you what you want your website visitor to do – and then maximising the chances of them doing it

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